Masterfield Furniture

The purchase of a piece of furniture can help make memories that last a lifetime: the comfy chair, the sofa for a nap after a Thanksgiving dinner, the living room set for the fellowship of friends and family. Masterfield Furniture creates beautiful furniture for the aesthetically-minded, and helps to make homes livable and memorable.

Handcrafted, Because There Just Isn’t a Better Way to Make High-Quality, Custom-Built Furniture.

Building custom-built, handcrafted furniture is something in which we take great pride. We don’t just use the 8-way hand-tie method of spring-suspension, we use steel-bands at the base for our springs in both directions for sturdier seating, much longer-lasting durability and higher quality.

Reinforced at Every Corner.

Constructed in the same trusted-manner of giant Furniture Companies from generations long-gone, Masterfield keeps the hand-crafted traditions of solid craftmanship alive. Our maple frames are double-doweled and reinforced with corner blocks to ensure a structurally superior piece of furniture.

The Proof continues in the Fabric.

Our fabric is hand-measured and hand-cut to ensure the fabric’s patterns are flow matched, creating yet another tell-tale sign that Masterfield Furniture’s products are a step above the mid-level furniture manufacturers.

At Masterfield Furniture we custom make furniture for you! We handcraft sofas, loveseats, chairs, sectionals, sleepers, ottomans, swivel rockers, and more. All of our furniture is available in hundreds of beautiful fabrics with your choice of trims, skirts, pillows, and cushions! Masterfield’s high quality construction ensures that your furniture will last for many years.